涨时多赚钱,跌时不亏钱,可谓众投资者皆期许的美好愿望和梦寐以求的终极投资水平。 It is a good wish and the ultimate investment level for all investors to make money and lose money when it goes up. 理财很重要,但随着理财产品的丰富,市场竞争也日趋激烈,在选择增加的前提下,不少人盲目追求高收益,而忽略了很多风险。尤其是当下国人,从众盲目心理过于严重,刚起步理财的他们,大多数时候都走入这些死穴。 Money is important, but as the abundance of wealth management products, the market competition is increasingly fierce, increased under the premise of the choice, many people blindly to the pursuit of higher yields, and ignore a lot of risk.In particular, the people of the moment, who are too blind and psychologically serious, have just started managing their money, and most of the time they go to these dead caves. 死穴之一:投机炒股 One of the dead caves: speculative trading 中国股票市场在最近13个月中过山车般的跌宕起伏,彰显出这个独特投资者群体行为的“滚雪球效应”。上证综合指数在最近1年中大幅飙涨了150%,但在短短的三个交易周多一点的时间里暴跌了30%。 The roller-coaster ride of the Chinese stock market in the last 13 months highlights the "snowball effect" of the unique investor group.The Shanghai composite index has soared 150 per cent in the past year, but has tumbled 30 per cent in just over three trading weeks. 当市场一路涨升时,国家一直引导着投资者队伍一路前行,政府希望中国股票的估值大幅上升。更高的股价也有助于中国的国有企业降低负债水平,因为它们可以将自己持有的股票卖出偿还借款。 As markets rose, the country guided investors along the way, and the government hoped that valuations of Chinese stocks would rise sharply.A higher share price also helps Chinese state-owned companies to reduce their debt levels because they can sell their own shares to repay their borrowings. 投资者进入股市,根本目的当然是要赢利,要使财富增值。但股市中有“7赔2平1赢”的规律,这么多人赔钱,不能不说是这一规律使然。为什么这么多投资者不懂或不相信这条规律? The fundamental purpose of investors entering the stock market is to make a profit, to add value to the wealth.But in the stock market, there is a "7 to 2 win" rule, so many people lose money, not to say the rule.Why do so many investors do not understand or believe this rule? 原因有多种,重要的方面是心理上本能的偏误在不自觉地影响着人们的行为。而股市幻觉又强化并放大了人们原本就有的行为偏差。 There are many reasons for this, and the important aspect is that the psychological bias unconsciously influences people's behavior.And the illusion of the stock market reinforces and amplifies the behavioural biases that people already have. “股市有风险”,不是说作为普通的工薪阶层的散户,炒股时不该有一点儿“投机心理”,但“投机心理”还是少一些为好。 "The stock market has a risk", not to say that as an ordinary working class retail, fry should not have a bit of "speculation", but "speculation" or less as well. 如果说,一段时日,股市上“一路飘红”,大爷大妈们便“蜂拥而至”,而一旦风吹草动便“仓皇出逃”,这样的“投机”,十之八九会“血本无归”的。 If, for some time, the stock market "wave red" all the way, elderly men and women "swarm", and once when it "flee", "speculation", nine times out of ten will be wiped out. 毕竟,“市场大鳄”,他们“经验丰富”,往往瞅准机会,“快进快出”而“赚了就跑”,那样的功夫,一般中小散户是难以学来的。 After all, "market predators", "experience", they tend to focus on opportunities, "fast forward fast" and "earned run", kung fu, general small and medium-sized retail investors is difficult to learn. 很多人都知道股市有风险,入市需谨慎。但只看到人云亦云,很少看到真正有人能静下来思考股市的风险究竟在哪里,如何规避。很多人认为,在你没有找到规避股市风险的办法,没有找到好的指路人之前,最好不要进入股市。 A lot of people know that the stock market is at risk, and the market needs to be cautious.But the only thing you see is that there are very few people who can sit still and think about where the risk is and how to get around it.Many people think it's better not to get into the stock market until you have found a way to avoid the stock market risk. 此外,在股市一定要用自己合法的闲钱、并且以投资的心态去操作,绝对不能像赌徒一样。 In addition, in the stock market must use oneself legal idle money, and the mentality of investment to operate, must not resemble a gambler. 小贴士 Tips: 先多熟悉股市的游戏规则,然后再做好资金管理,在股市调整的时候可适当的进入,然后在上涨到有一定的利润时要果断坚决卖出,不要贪婪,贪字到最后只得一个贫。记住:永远要先保住本金,再盈利。 More familiar with the rules of the game of the stock market first, and then make money management, at the time of correction can be appropriate to enter, and then rising to have a certain profit to sell decisive firmly, don't be greedy, greedy word to finally have a poor.Remember: always keep your money first and make a profit. 躲不过的投资理财十大死穴 你中枪了? Do you get shot in the top 10? 死穴之二:买房保值 The second of death: a store of value 无论中国的房价怎么涨,总会有一些房地产泡沫即将破裂,房地产市场马上崩盘的声音。普通购房者惧于这些声音迟迟不敢下手,毕竟对于大多数人来说买房花费了自大半生的积蓄。 No matter how much house prices rise in China, there will always be a housing bubble bursting and a crash in the real estate market.Ordinary homebuyers are afraid of the sound of these voices, which, after all, cost most people their savings. 中国已经实行30余年的计划生育政策是终结房屋价格上涨的最强有力的杀手,支撑房价不断上涨的最根本的动力还是“钢需”,可是由于国家的计划生育政策,使得“新人”的数量逐年减少。 China already has more than 30 years of family planning policy is the most powerful killer end house prices, rising housing prices to support the fundamental motivation or "steel", but because of the country's family planning policy, making the number of "new man" reducing year by year.


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